MacIntyre Wines at Lake Breeze

We are pleased to announce the release of the MacIntyre Heritage Reserve wines at Lake Breeze Vineyards. The MacIntyre family has owned Lake Breeze since 2001 and are proud to create this special series of wines with winemaker Garron Elmes, who has made all of the Lake Breeze vintages since 1995. 

The MacIntyre wine collection consists of two premium wines. Astra, a premium Okanagan Chardonnay; and Ardua, a Pomerol style Merlot. 

MacIntyre Heritage Reserve wines are available by mailing list, special tasting at the winery, and at fine restaurants. 

To schedule your tasting in the MacIntyre room, please contact us online, or by phone at 1-250-496-5659


Chris Stenberg

Chris Stenberg is a Canadian travel photographer, filmmaker and researcher. When he’s not wielding a camera or raising a family you can find him running, biking and boarding in the mountains or eating an apple under a tree in an orchard.